Nurture from skin to soul so you can glow with confidence.

About the studio

Skin & Soul Holistic Wellness is an intimate studio nestled in the heart of downtown Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Rooted in providing transformative skin treatments and complementary therapies that support women's healthy aging and wellbeing, Skin & Soul focuses on strengthening the skin and revealing one's natural beauty through safe and effective practices, while providing a refuge for women to come as they are and receive authentic care and nurture.


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about pamela

Seasoned Holistic Esthetician and Reiki Master, Pamela Sander, is the owner and founder of Skin & Soul Holistic Wellness.

Pamela's intimate, heart-centered, treatment studio is focused on serving the specialized needs of women - especially women navigating the physical and emotional affects of aging.

Through an individualized approach, Pamela provides non-inflammatory, corrective treatments and services that reflect her ethos of supporting the whole person and strengthening the skin through safe, nurturing care. 

Pamela incorporates organic, sustainably-sourced herbal and plant-based products and ingredients that support and encourage healthy, glowing skin.

Pamela’s advanced education, knowledge, experience and sincere compassion provide assurance that you are in the hands of a trusted professional - one that will guide and support you and your skin through healthy aging.

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the heart of skin & soul



I understand that caring for your skin while attempting to slow the signs of time can feel overwhelming and sometimes discouraging.

From selecting the right products and treatments to finding a trusted professional, it can be daunting and confusing.

As a holistic esthetician that's cared for and treated countless women struggling with the physical, hormonal and emotional challenges related to aging, I understand. But as a woman in my 50's, I too have struggled.

Through personal experience while navigating my journey and commitment to healthy aging practices, and from years of caring for women's skin, I've found what works as well as what's unnecessary or downright harmful. I've found that less is more and that sadly, often the very treatments and products touted to improve or correct the signs of aging often cause inflammation, damage and accelerate aging.

Our largest organ - our skin - functions best,  repairs itself and glows with youthful vibrance when it's protected, nurtured and fed with healthy ingredients and treated with safe and supportive regenerative practices.

Caring for your skin should be simple. A grounding ritual. And healthy, glowing, youthful skin is achievable, regardless of your age. Sometimes, a little support from a trusted professional is all that's needed.

Guiding and supporting women on their healthy aging journey is where I come in.

Love the skin you're in, embrace a confident glow and BE SEEN as the beautiful and vibrant woman you feel like inside.

It would be my honor to help you get there with ease. 

In wellness

A non-inflammatory, sustainable and nurturing approach is how I roll.
This goes for all services, sourcing and product selection. If it harms the body, our earth or her creatures, it's a no. If it's a challenging home-care routine, it's simplified.

Kindness and inclusion with zero judgement are my core values. In work and life.

People are unique. No one size fits all treatments here.

Supporting skin's repair, renewal and regeneration with consideration to one's lifestyle, nutrition, physical health and emotional wellbeing, while honoring the whole person. 

Nurturing, educating and supporting women gives me joy. Helping others feel beautiful, radiant and whole is an honor and blessing.

Education, practical experience and confidence are vitally important when caring for another person. I am always advancing my education with industry masters so I can offer transformative results, safely and confidently.


skin & soul holistic wellness, LLC | Pamela Sander LE, CAE
helping women regain their glow naturally.